IKS EP RELEASE PARTY @ Mezrab, Amsterdam
8:15 PM20:15

IKS EP RELEASE PARTY @ Mezrab, Amsterdam

After two and half years of playing together, the Amsterdam based band IKSis finally releasing their debut EP at Mezrab!

The band combines their jazz-roots with their love for Pop and R&B. With the uncommon set up of three completely different voices that blend wonderfully together, accompanied by a grooving rhythm section consisting of bass and guitar, they have a unique sound in their arrangements and original music. Without the expected drum set, they’re able to create an intimate atmosphere as well as gospel like explosions whenever the music needs it.

"This EP is the result of two and half years of spilling drinks while bursting out in laughter, moaning after a good lick, rapping along with Rapper’s Delight and traveling through beautiful Estonian landscapes with a private lecture about its history, while driving into the night...."

After the concert funky vibes from DJ Radikal Rüpert will transform your molecules into dancing matter!

Doors open: 19.30
Show: 20.15
Tickets at the door: €5,-/ €8,-

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